How to get 50% off all flights with any airline of your choice

December 23, 2016

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So this is pretty huge – I actually alluded to this benefit earlier, but didn’t realize its full portent until just now.

In short – the American Express Business Platinum card gives you 50% back on all points redemptions towards travel on all business and first class tickets on all airlines – plus all economy tickets on a single airline of your choice.

This means, in short, that you can get 50% off all tickets on the given airline of your choice – which is pretty legitimately insane, and really opens the door to some crazy travel redemptions.

It works! It really works!!

What’s more, you earn miles with your favorite carrier on these redemptions, as it’s technically a revenue booking and not an award ticket, since you’re redeeming AMEX’s Membership Rewards points, not the airline’s own miles.

The only caveat to this is that you have to have enough Membership Rewards points to redeem for your airline tickets in order to advantage of this benefit.

That said, when you sign up for the AMEX Business Platinum card now, it’ll give you a bonus 100,000 Membership Rewards points to play with (50,000 after $5,000 in spend and 100,000 after another $10,000 within the first 3 months), which is worth a straight up guaranteed $2,000 using this benefit, so yeah – you should have no shortage of miles to play with.

That’s not even to mention the legion of other benefits the AMEX Platinum card family provides, which I’ve waxed countless times before about.


So yeah – if you still haven’t opened an AMEX Business Platinum card yet for some reason, and you’re capable of spending or manufacturing the spend limits required to get the 100,000 point bonus, there really is no reason to hold out any more. Get it!

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