Not quite complete, though this is eventually what it’ll look like:
The Consolidated Guide to Credit Card Hacking:
1. Why hack credit cards
2. How to hack your credit score/Engineering a perfect credit score
3. How to check your credit score and report for free
4. How to apply for a credit card
4. b. Calling the Reconsideration Line
5. When to apply for a credit card (app-o-rama vs one at a time)
6. Which credit cards to get for the signup bonus
7. Which credits cards to get and keep forever
8. Meeting minimum spend on your credit cards/manufactured spend
9. Redeeming points and miles from your credit card
10. Canceling credit cards and getting retention offers
10. a. Churning cards
11. Highlighted best credit card hacks (Southwest Companion Pass, Kiva US Bank Flexperks, AMEX Ameriprise Platinum, etc.)
12. Frequently Asked Questions

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