Unlimited internet everywhere for $43/mo (lifesaver when living off the grid)

February 24, 2016

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So I wrote the title of this post back in November…back then, this was actually $50/mo when I was on the Karma Neverstop plan. That’s what I planned to write about…and would be writing about now, if I hadn’t just returned my Karma literally yesterday.

What happened? Well – Karma realized it was an incredibly stupid plan to offer unlimited 4G LTE internet for $50/mo apparently. People were actually treating it, god forbid, as an unlimited internet plan. So they first cut the data allowance to 15 GB…and then finally decided to cut it all the way to 5 GB for $35 and 10 GB for $70, or something wild like that.

So yeah, I returned that and was left hunting for another plan. I was pretty skeptical I’d find one…which is why I have to give mad props to my buddy Travis for finding this amazing deal: http://www.unlimitedville.com/

They’re offering an unlimited Sprint 4G LTE Hotspot for $43/mo to ‘businesses’, but according to http://www.rvmobileinternet.com/unlimitedville-offers-unlimited-sprint-hotspot-plans-for-42-99month/:

“Unlimitedville assures us however that any sole proprietor or even someone who has a hobby where they might make a little bit of money will very likely be approved by Sprint (such as running a blog that has an advertisement, selling things on Etsy or washing RVs in your spare time). Approval usually comes within 72-hours, and they don’t anticipate many folks being turned away.”

So yeah, this is basically free unlimited internet everywhere with a mobile hotspot for $43/mo, which is pretty damn incredible, Way better than Neverstop, which was also on Sprint but was capped at 5mbps, if it works.

I applied last week but haven’t heard back yet, so will see what they say soon hopefully. Still a little skeptical how they can possibly offer this so cheaply…but since it’s apparently directly contracted with Sprint for 2 years, I have more faith the deal will be honored both ways. But fingers crossed.

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