The Best RingPlus plan is here: 2500 minutes, texts, and MB of data for free per month forever

March 17, 2016

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This is as straightforward as it sounds: RingPlus has finally come out with a plan that is probably good enough for a standalone phone plan on its own. But hurry, because this plan expires tomorrow, Friday March 17th, at 5:30PM PST. If you miss it, RingPlus may have a better plan in the future, but it might not. Only time will tell.

Go here to signup:

It gives you 2500 minutes, 2500 texts, and 2500 MB of data every month, with absolutely no monthly charge.

All you have to do is pay $100 upfront for a lifetime subscription to their “Member+” program, and then pay a one-time $25 top-up fee to keep a balance on your account (plus tax).

After that, unless you use more than 2500 minutes, texts, or MB of data each month (in which case you get charged 2 cents per unit of overage), or if you send MMS messages (4 cents each), you will incur absolutely no further charges for as long as this plan is around.

This plan is largely good on any phone that was previously on Sprint’s network or one of its MVNOs, such as Virgin Mobile, FreedomPop, Boost Mobile, etc (with some caveats, so deactivate your old account fully if not already and verify that your phone will work at to be certain), so you might already have a phone you can use.

If not, you can get some very excellent phones, such as the FreedomPop-linked LG G2 for $72 from NewEgg right now: Once you get that phone, just deactivate it on FreedomPop and activate it on RingPlus. That’s what I did, and so far the phone’s been amazing. You can also use certain unlocked iPhones that are compatible with Sprint on RingPlus as well, as well as a whole host of Android phones, so plenty of choices all around.

A 2500/2500/2500 phone plan might go for $30 on another carrier, which means you’ll be break-even here in ~4 months, and only net positive thereon out. I don’t expect this plan to last forever, but I do probably expect it to last for 4 months.

I’ve been on RingPlus’s plan for the past few months already (an earlier 1400/1400/1200 plan), and the service has been excellent – indistinguishable from a Sprint plan direct from Sprint.

So yeah – if you want to take advantage of this plan, be sure to do it before tomorrow at 5:30 PM PST!

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