Success: How to effortlessly manufacture spend with zero cost (secret)

January 23, 2016

by — Posted in Free Money

Not going to publicly post this one, but just had excellent success finally taking advantage of one of the best opportunities out there, bar none, to effortlessly meet all the spend requirements for just about any signup bonus for any credit card you’ll need to meet for the foreseeable future – with absolutely zero cost. I’ve actually known about this little trick since 2012, but only put it into practice myself personally this month. Daria took advantage of it earlier last year and has done it for ~$20k in manufactured spend already effortlessly. 

Edit: The number of people who can take advantage of this is super limited, so this is currently a trade-in deal: if you’d like access to this deal, feel free to email me (you should be able to find my email pretty easily) a secret hack of your own, and we’ll trade :)

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