Stay 4 (cheap) nights, get 2 (expensive) nights free at IHG hotels

December 15, 2015

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Credit goes to my buddy Josh Plotkin for finding this one. Apparently it’s been going on for ages, but is good through Dec 31st. If you stay 2 nights at any IHG hotel before Dec 31st, 2015 – you’ll get one night at any IHG hotel for free. You can do this twice, for up to 2 free nights to spend next year. This means you can stay 4 nights at the cheapest IHG hotel you can find (e.g. Holiday Inn), and stay 2 nights at the most expensive IHG hotel you can find. From Josh:

How to stay in a $842 a night hotel for $90.
Until the end of the year IHG has a promotion where you can get a coupon for a free night stay at any of their hotels if you stay for 2 nights somewhere else.
For example, stay 2 nights at the Holiday Inn in Belo Horizonte for $45 a night and you can stay at the Bora Bora Intercontinental (value $842 a night) for free.
You can do this twice on the same account, earning 2 free nights. You can’t earn on back to back stays though, so you would stay for 2 nights, stay somewhere else, then stay another 2 nights to get the maximum reward. Or you and a partner take turns booking alternating stays at the same hotel.
Here’s the sign up page for the offer.
You have to book your stays before the end of the year. You have until the end of next year to redeem.
If you’re planning on going somewhere more expensive next year, it might be worth it to spend a weekend at a hotel nearby to get the coupons.

Important note: make sure to sign up for an account, and then specifically opt-in to the “Accelerate” program to get this benefit. It should be on this page once you’re already logged in:¬†

But if not, just search under “Offers” and you should see it.

With the 50% off all Airbnb stays offer that came up earlier on AMEX (and is still going on also until Dec 31st) and the fact that I don’t derive much value out of luxury, I probably won’t take advantage of this myself – but figured some of you, particularly those who do enjoy luxury, might. Enjoy!

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