Southwest Companion Pass deal still live with more ways to win

October 31, 2015

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For full details, see here:

This is a quick update to say that while the business card link is dead on that page, the personal premier link still works:

And here’s a new link for the Chase Business card:

What’s more, a few people are reporting trouble getting the Chase Business card open. If that’s the case – no need to worry, you can actually open two personal cards at the same time. Southwest actually has two flavors of a personal card, the Premier (listed above), which has a $99 annual fee, and then the Plus, which has a $69 annual fee.

While the public offer for the Southwest Plus is only 40,000 points (which is still not bad!) – my epic friend Ritik did some hardcore digging and found out some people have referral offers that offer you 50k points. Just go to this thread, PM one of the people there, and they’ll get you setup with a referral so you can earn 50,000 points.

This is actually even better than opening the business card, since you’ll only be paying $168 to open both cards, instead of $198. And you’ll still get 100,000 points and get the Companion Pass shortly after manufacturing $10k of spend. Not bad at all.

And for those of you who don’t want to bother with that and are just happy with the 40,000 point public offer, here’s the link just for completion’s sake (since I don’t know why you wouldn’t just get the 50k offer if you can): (NOTE: The offer you see is not the correct offer. You have to scroll down and click “More” next to this section: “Not the card for you? See which Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards® Credit Card is best for you.” –> Then the Plus card offer will appear with the same signup bonus.)

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