Opening business credit cards and two excellent current offers

February 6, 2016

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So a semi-little known fact is that anyone can open business credit cards – even if you don’t ‘technically’ happen to have a business. This is great, since business credit cards are among some of the best for solid ongoing rewards as well as high signup bonuses – the Chase Ink Plus with 60,000-70,000 points, the AMEX Business Gold with 70,000 points…and currently, two of the best cards are the Chase United Business for 50,000 United points:

And the Citibank AA Business card for 50,000 AA points:

The best of both worlds! No reason not to open both :).

So how, exactly, do you go about opening this without a business? Simple – use your own SSN and list your business as a sole proprietorship. In my experience, you can list revenue for the business as really anything you’d like – they’ve never verified for me, but also people get by with just stating very little revenue, like <$1000. You can be a consultant or freelancer for just about any profession – say, software, writing, whatever you’d like. Maybe this will even inspire you to finally start that business you’ve always wanted :).

So yeah, there’s that. And remember – what’s the harm in trying? People tend to have hesitation about these things, but the worst case scenario is really nothing – you end up exactly where you would have been if you hadn’t tried, no harm done. Maybe like 2 insignificant points off your credit score for a year or so – big deal. So go give it a shot!

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