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December 5, 2015

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Man, Thanksgiving onwards is basically the best time of year to be shopping online.

A few more heads ups: If you haven’t already earned your extra 10% UR miles (up to a maximum of 15000 for spending $1500) at and its subsidiary sites, an excellent way to do so is to take advantage of Amazon’s bonus gift card perks here:

You can see a plethora of discounted gift cards to other institutions on sale, as well as some free bonuses Amazon will give you if you buy their own gift cards, including this adorable little teddy bear that retails for $20 on its own if you buy a $500 GC:

This isn’t quite the best deal in the world, as it was originally being offered free with just $100 GCs, which would have been an excellent deal and probably would have caused me to end up with about 10 of these guys, but unfortunately I myself only jumped on it when they had $250 GC teddies available, and so only ended up with 4 of them.

The remaining $500 in GCs I had to get went primarily towards getting a ton of Kit Kats, with this deal:

For every $50 GC you get there, you get a half pound of Kit Kats for free. As an ardent lover of Kit Kats, I was seriously tempted to get a free 15 pounds of Kit Kats – basically close to $100 in free Kit Kats when you buy $1500 in Amazon Gift Cards. Not bad, though admittedly a bit of a niche desire. You also get 30 nice holiday greeting cards for your trouble as well, though in fair warning they are Amazon branded.

Anyway, plenty of options here.

Also, want to reiterate how good the Airbnb AMEX Offer of $50 back on $100 in spend is. You can use it to buy gift cards, meaning you don’t have to book a bunch of stays by 12/31 – you just have to buy that many gift cards. This literally means that for as many cards as you have, you can have that many multiples of $100 Airbnb gift cards for $50, meaning effectively 50% off all your travel accommodation needs into the foreseeable future.

This is a huge deal. Cutting your accommodation costs in half? Add on top of that free airfare from credit card hacks, and basically your only necessary and not discretionary expense while traveling anywhere in the world is food –> and if you’re staying in an Airbnb, chances are you have access to a kitchen to make cheap local meals yourself…basically ensuring that you can probably travel abroad for literally less money than it costs to stay home and pay first-world unsubsidized rent prices.

Some other nice AMEX offers popped up, including $15 off $35 at Walmart, and $10 free when you buy a $200 AMEX Gift Card, which is basically just cash. $5 off $25 at also proved to be pretty useful today when Daria and I flew into Denver and were looking for dinner, especially on top of a $13 discount offers for first time orders when you use a referral code (feel free to use mine: – which means you can basically get at least 50% off a nice dinner for two from the restaurant of your choice – delivered to you. Not bad.

Just some more heads up for this week. Enjoy!


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