If it’s too good to be true…try it anyway

July 8, 2016

by — Posted in Philosophy

Recently helped friends get over $100,000 in free flights in a few hours thanks to JetBlue…

Kind of hard to believe, even for me. But brings to bear a pretty good maxim I’ve learned over the years in both getting epic travel deals and in other aspects of life.

If it sounds too good to be true…sometimes it still is true. Weigh the upside of action versus the downside of action accordingly. If there’s nothing to lose by trying something, and a *lot* to gain – go ahead, give it a shot.

This was true back with the epic Coinbase promotion (http://hackcreditcards.com/free-money-with-coinbase/) last year…assuming everyone kept their bitcoins they earned then, the total earnings from that deal also exceed $100,000 I’m pretty sure (helped peopleĀ get at least $30-40k upfront, and bitcoin has appreciated 300% since then), and it’s true again now with JetBlue.

If the downside is just 5 minutes of your time, and the upside is several hundred to a thousand dollars, and the probability of that upside is pretty reasonably likely…go ahead, give it a shot.

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