Getaround $6000 Free Car Guarantee still live till May 1st!

April 12, 2016

by — Posted in Great Deals

I’m personally responsible for this one, so while this is a short post, I’m pretty proud of it. The Getaround $6000 car thing is one of the better deals I’ve done for sure, and has worked out without much of a hitch so far (ok – renters did leave the lights on two weekends in the row and I had to get the car jumpstarted, but thankfully, because I also have the AMEX Ameriprise Platinum, they covered the jumpstart service both times for free. See how all these deals compound to make your life ridiculously awesome?

And another time, someone drove my car all the way to San Diego and by the time they said they’d return it, it was still in San Diego…but they did end up paying $1000 for using the car for 4 days, so that was alright in the end too).

Just had my contact at Getaround update the guarantee to May 1st, 2016 – so if you haven’t jumped on board yet…well, you should.

Get on it!

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