Free Gogo Inflight Wi-Fi with the US Bank FlexPerks card

September 21, 2016

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The US Bank FlexPerks VISA card, which I’ve written about before as a way to get free flights forever, just got even better.

Technically, it got even better a year ago, but for some reason I only learned about this benefit now, so figured I’d pass it along just in case anyone else was in the dark with me.

Long story short, they now offer 12 Gogo Inflight Wi-Fi passes per year for free – each valid for one entire flight-segment on a Gogo powered flight.

This is a pretty damn good benefit, seeing as a 24 hour pass on Gogo is $16, and the annual fee on the US Bank FlexPerks card is $49. In other words, you’re breaking even on the annual fee if you use this benefit just 3 times, and coming out ahead if you use it any more than that. The total possible value you can derive from this benefit is $192, assuming you’re using it on reasonably long flight segments.

Gogo Wi-Fi is offered on United, American, Delta, Virgin America, Alaska Airlines, and Air Canada, so look to use this benefit anytime you fly one of those carriers.

Register for the perk by clicking here.


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