Final Getaround Update: They paid out!!! $6591.14 total earnings

March 17, 2017

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Final update, because my year on Getaround is finally up and they’ve finally paid out!

Here are my earnings month by month:

2-15-16: $63.45
3-16-16: $349.65
4-16-16: $1088.39
5-15-16: $214.15
6-16-16: $630.75
7-16-16: $207.90
8-16-16: $349.25
9-16-16: $314.55
10-17-16: $152.55
12-16-16: $105.30
2-16-17: $39.15
3-15-17: $132.30
3-17-17: $2943.75 Guarantee payout

Grand total? $6591.14!

I first asked for the payout after I didn’t get it on my February payout, and they said they would have to manually review it because they do that for any car that had over 40 days marked unavailable (I had the vast majority of my dates marked unavailable – ended up basically only marking required weekend days available for like the past half year), and that it would be included on my March payout. So I wait until March, and it still doesn’t come, I piss a shit, and they immediately give it to me two days later quite painlessly.

They seem to have given me about ~$600 more than the past payouts would require, but I’m pretty positive that’s because they included in those payouts reimbursements for things like penalty fees for the time some woman drove my car all the way to San Diego and like just didn’t return it for days after she said she would, and miscellaneous little goodies like that.

Moral of the story? Companies still can’t do basic math, this fact still continues to blow my mind, and I still continue to wildly profit from it.

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