On Raising Money

Another philosophical post on what seem to be misaligned values in Silicon Valley. We seem to judge people’s glory and success on how much money they’re able to raise from venture capital – not how much money they actually manage […]

On Spending Money

Hiking the Tour de Mont Blanc with friends this week. Has brought up some interesting opportunities to examine my personal spending habits. The group goes out for dinner every night, and I’ve abstained from partaking every night. They’re under the […]

The Emergency of Not Having Financial Independence

I’m testing out a new life philosophy. The philosophy goes like this: If you aren’t financially independent, in the sense that you are capable of living comfortably off your accumulated net assets and their reasonably projected growth over time for […]

$0 makes you richer than 25% of Americans

Credit to Simon Black for this one: http://www.sovereignman.com/trends/credit-suisse-with-just-10-youre-wealthier-than-25-of-americans-18072/ Going to take it a step farther and talk about the four quadrants of life. But first, context: apparently 10% of the North American population is in the lowest decile of wealth in […]