Case Study Updates: Amazing Unlimited Internet, Getaround earning more than expected

March 5, 2016

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A few updates this week.

First: Unlimitedville ( is totally for real. Huge thanks to Travis for finding it. So far, it’s infinitely better than Karma Neverstop ever was even at the original offer of unlimited capped 5mbps internet for $50. This is literally exactly the same service, on Sprint’s 4G LTE/3G network, with no capped speed (I get up to 20mbps), and absolutely no throttling/caps that I can tell. I’ve been on it for just about 3 days, and have already used 40+ GBs just fine.

How is this deal possible? Frankly, I’m not sure. My best guess is the deal is directly through Sprint, unlike Karma, who has to buy data from Sprint. Sprint doesn’t exactly pay for data itself, as it owns the towers that provide the data – and so there’s basically no marginal cost for them to provide more data so long as the network isn’t congested in any given area. I’m assuming, them having just recently built out their 4G LTE setup and being the smallest of the 4 national networks, their service isn’t quite yet saturated, and so they’re happy to basically hand out unlimited data at an absurdly cheap price.

The hotspot is pretty incredible too – the Netgear Zing, for an upfront $50 purchase fee (you can also get some lower-tier hotspots for $30 or $0, but the Zing is pretty fantastic). Full touchscreen, makes it super easy to see your metrics and manage the device. Still pretty portable, so can actually have internet absolutely everywhere Sprint has coverage.

Yeah, pretty happy about it all in. Pro-tip: Unlimitedville ignored me for 7 days after I filled out my application, and only got back to me when I replied to their email asking them what was up. They immediately got back to me then, and said I was approved for up to 12 lines, and all I needed to do was send them my credit card information.

Frankly, it was super sketch. I just sent them my CC information, signed absolutely no forms, and they said they would send out a hotspot to arrive the next day. It did indeed arrive the next day, and arrived completely active. I asked them later to get a copy of my agreement/contract that I’m signing up for (since it’s ostensibly a 2 year contract with early termination fees), but I was roundly ignored. Couldn’t really care too much though, since everything works flawlessly. And strangely enough, when turning on the Netgear Zing, it makes you scroll through and accept an agreement on the tiny touchscreen of the device itself. Whatever. Just took pictures of that agreement and hope that’s sufficient. I’m actually more concerned about enforcing the 2 year agreement to ensure I get do get this for at least a full 2 years than to skirt out of it. Highly doubt any better deal will come along anytime soon. There actually is no other alternative out there for someone in a position like mine.

Second: Getaround is making me more money than I expected! Only ~$60 in January, but ~$400+ in February. If February’s rate continues, I’ll legitimately come close to $6000 – $4800 earned. But we’ll see. Maybe it was an exceptionally good month. Still, it may honestly be worth doing even if the guarantee is no longer active. Just emailed them to confirm on the current validity of the offer, as the page is still up, but lists an expiration date of February 29th still.


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